What is ChatBob?


Chatbots have revolutionized the way we do sales online. They make it easier to attract and engage leads with a conversational tone. With their 24/7 availability, chatbots provide uninterrupted customer support, simplify lead generation, send timely product recommendations, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. This consistent engagement not only fosters trust but also drives sales. According to an Intercom report, chatbots have boosted sales by up to 67%, with 26% of sales starting after a chatbot interaction. Businesses, regardless of their size, are increasingly integrating chatbots as an essential part of their lead generation and customer support strategy.

What is ChatBob?

ChatBob gives you a chatbot, without asking for a large time commitment from you. Chatbots for enterprise need dedicated teams to maintain, but in a busy small company these resources are often not available. ChatBob is for companies that cannot expend a team to a chatbot, but still want to reap the benefits. Many businesses struggle with complicated chatbot platforms that are hard to understand.

With ChatBob, All you need to do is enter your website's URL and we will extract all relevant data. You can then add a chat bubble to your website, which will start to talk to customers. The chatbot will be your sales assistant, just like you would have in a physical store. It will answer questions that are hard to find and will show the customer around. In addition it can ask the customer for their information and thus collect leads in case the customer does not take action on the website immediately.

Use Cases

1. Increase Conversion and Sales

Before buying your product, customers want to make an informed decision. They want to know as much as they can before committing to a purchase (just like you are doing right now). Why would you not make it as easy as possible for them to find that information? A chatbot can do this for you. This is not just theory. Like the previously mentioned report showed, chatbots improves sales by on average 67%%.

2. Get Customer Insights

Online sales is about continuous improvement. You cannot do this without getting deep insights into your customer. You likely have analytics on your website, that give you a representation of your customer base in numbers. But nothing is as valuable as hearing what your customers have to say directly from them. If your customers are freely offering you the most valuable type of information, then why would you not take it?

3. Lead Generation

Imagine creating compelling content, planning an effective marketing strategy, spending all this effort and forgetting about one of the easiest ways of lead generation? Once a chatbot is on your homepage it will do this job for you. If enabled, after every interaction, the chatbot will ask the customer how you can contact them. You can choose to collect e-mail, name and phone number. These values will then be available through your ChatBob dashboard.

4. Customer Support

Consistent customer support is vital for online businesses, but if you are small, you cannot afford having a dedicated support team around the clock. chatbots offer a dependable solution, providing continuous service without breaks. This continuous availability can greatly enhance customer trust.

Tailoring Your chatbot

To stay memorable, every customer interaction needs to reinforce your brands identity. Like any other part of your website, the chatbot needs to take this into account. ChatBob allows you to customize the color of the messages and chat widget, as well as the chat's greeting message and the name displayed on the top of the chat.


ChatBob offers three plans. The free plan gives you unlimited access to all features (except collecting leads) and allows for up to 50 customer conversations per month. Once this limit is exceeded, the chatbubble will vanish from your website until beginning of the next month. The Hobby plan removes this limitation and gives access to all features on the platform for 19$ per month. The Standard plan allows all of this, but removes the ChatBob.co branding on the chat window for 49$ per month.